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Baby Naming ceremonies 


When a baby is born your whole world changes & a new family begins, now that's worth celebrating!

My naming ceremonies are very different from  a traditional Christening service.

All about your little one, held in the venue of your choice I work with you to create a superstar ceremony full of love, laughter & personality.

Naming your baby is one of the greatest  joys of your life, remember all those hours of scrolling through baby names books, contemplating nicknames, looking up meanings & thinking about the initials!

A name is your  child's everlasting  identity, from hospital ID bracelet to gym bags & leavers sweatshirts. Names are important, our lives are built around names & the power they give to us, now that's worth celebrating!

I like to describe my ceremonies as your little one's  first official  "Meet & Greet" to family & friends, introducing & welcoming your child into your family & friendship circle.

It's vital for a child to feel loved & wanted, I encourage family & friends to participate in the ceremony, it's a wonderful memory box moment for everyone to look back on.

As informal as you like, you can invite as many guests as your home, garden or venue can accommodate, crowd control is another one of my skills.

Babies cry or go to sleep at crucial times, yes grandparents too... I set a relaxed & flexible tone to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

As a mum of four, a nanny  & a fairy godmother to two gorgeous girlies, I am a  huge cheerleader of Guide parents, Sparents, mentors or guardians. 

Oldies are goldies is my advice when choosing-Longterm friends understand your values & have similar attitudes to you. Going like-for-like & following your instinct  will ensure your little one will have some special & supportive folk in their life

Including parents promises, involving siblings, cousins & grandparents, whoever you wish to include, there are no rules apart from ensuring every guest really has fun & feels part of the celebration.

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Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Including some of the following is a party starter!

Words about how your little one arrived or came to be part of your family. Their personality, what they enjoy & what they dislike....

Promises from Parents, Guide Parents, siblings or?

Official naming speech & symbolic event - entirely optional. Candle lighting, wishing tree, tree planting, finger printing, bubbles or balloon release (sustainable of course) or my personal favourite  creating a time capsule.

Poems, limericks & music can all be incorporated.

What's next?

Drop me a note & I will arrange an informal free of charge video or phone chat.

Once all booked in & deposit paid I will send you my 'Getting to Know You' fun quiz followed by a meeting to begin the fun of arranging the ceremony.

I start creating the ceremony script, sharing with you if you wish & making amendments to ensure it is right for you.

Optional rehearsal & lots of support from me.

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On the day I will arrive in plenty of time, making sure everyone is feeling happy, comfortable & set the scene for a wonderful celebration. 

 Don't worry about delays, as an ex- cabin crew member I am accustomed to being flexible & if we need to pause at all during the ceremony, no problem at all.

After the ceremony I will provide you with a Presentation Copy of your script & a naming certificate as an additional momento.

  • Sunday to Friday daytime (10am-4pm): £275

  • Saturday: £295

  • Twilight Ceremonies (Thursday, Friday & Sunday) and ceremonies conducted between 5 & 7 pm: £225

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