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Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy 


A funeral should be as individual as the person it commemorates & celebrates.

It is a reflection of love , memories, relationships & connections.

I am always truly honoured when asked to conduct a funeral ceremony.

The opportunity to tell your loved one's story, to celebrate their life by creating a  personalised, unique service & the best possible farewell is a privilege.

Candles & Plants


Planning a funeral can be an emotional exhausting process for families. The ceremony & preparation for the funeral are integral to the grieving process .

I will meet with you & spend time to get to know  you, learning about the life, character & personality of your loved one.  

Like every life every ceremony is different.

There are no rules apart from the legal ones, i will tell their story in an unscripted & individual way.

I can incorporate  memories, music, poems, family members & friends into the ceremony. I will be there for you in the lead up to the ceremony , liaising with the Funeral Director, Venue Staff  is all part of my service.

On the day I will tailor my dress code to compliment your wishes from more traditional attire to coloured themes or football/rugby shirts, showing off their true colours so to speak.

In addition to leading the ceremony, I can step in to read tributes should  emotions take over & loved ones require support.

My ceremonies are crafted to bring people together in an uplifting  atmosphere of love & support , helping those grieving to find meaning & purpose in their daily lives despite their loss.


If booking via a funeral director they will make payment arrangements & charge your account accordingly.

Baby & Child funerals are free of charge.

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