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Congratulations! You did it - you've made the decision to get married & embark on your marriage journey together. 

I love working with couples to create and conduct ceremonies that are different, unique & very you. 

I am happy to conduct ceremonies anytime, any place, anywhere! Permission from the land or property owner is all you require, no license required: Indoor/outdoor? Under the stars or on a hilltop? No problem, you can have your ceremony when & wherever you choose? 

I am here every step of the way  for you to help create the best day ever to tell YOUR story, help you write your vows & incorporate UNIQUE & special touches , encouraging some of the stars of your lives to participate in the ceremony. Unlike religious ceremonies you are free to do as you choose. 

Traditional, relaxed, musical, rustic, religious content, festival-theme, sports centred, your wish is my command.

The legal bit will take place at the Registry Office a few days before or after. It's a short, simple process complying with the laws of the land. All the fun bits, including ring exchange, are saved for your Supernova Ceremony.

Image by Showkat Chowdhury

Welcome Ceremonies

A star is born!

Welcoming a new star into your life is a milestone moment. Becoming a parent is no easy task trust me, I've done it 4 times... 

There's no road map. No instruction booklet. Welcome to the world of make it up as you go along. 

Raising a child may be the most natural thing in the world but that doesn't mean it comes easy. When you are not fidgeting with a tangle of straps, snaps, 5 point harnesses, you are trying to figure out feeding, changing and sleeping schedules. 

That's why celebrating your new arrival to family and friends is so important - you and your little one are really going to need them!

Funerals & Celebrations of Life

We are all individuals & not clones. Every life lived deserves a personal send off  & celebration.

As an independent, experienced funeral professional I will work with you to ensure your loved one's funeral is a perfect tribute to their life.

I will meet with you, taking the time to get to know you enabling me to learn about your loved one & for you to share their unique story. I am accustomed to sitting in front rooms, kitchens, gardens & listening to multiple family members as they share tales of what made them unique, their passions, what drove them crazy & most importantly the reason you loved them.... Sharing stories & helping families honour their loved ones is a vital part of the grieving process enabling them to cope better during this difficult time.

I give you the freedom to include & say anything you wish, actively encouraging, supporting  family & friends to participate in the ceremony  if they wish.

Fuelled by tea, cake, tissues of course & the occasional glass of wine I will sit with families for as long as it takes to guide you through the preparations to ensure we deliver a full on celebration of life or a quieter farewell if desired for you loved one.

I communicate with Funeral Directors, Crematorium Officials, Florists, Caterers, Venues , Dog Sitters whoever you need me to. I am here for you.

Wedding couple


True love is unconditional!

Throughout your relationship - be that six months or sixty years - you will have encountered darker, possibly trying times. As a team you will have overcome these challenges, need more of a reason to celebrate these times and the ongoing commitment you and your partner have towards each other? 

I will help you create a unique and enjoyable ceremony where your original wedding vows are not required to be repeated and your renewals can be the most meaningful part of the celebration. 

This celebration is for you! So where do you want to renew your vows? Where you first met? Perhaps on your favourite walk together? No matter where, I will work with you and create the most magical day.

All Vow Renewals - £325


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